Monday, January 16, 2012

Wow, I can't believe half of this month is already gone by. It's been a busy half month already. And it has really been busy for those girls in the coop. We have more eggs than I know what to do with. We have donated a few dozen to needy families, so that brings a smile to our face. They have slowed down some since the weather has gotten cold the past few days. Here are the stats so far:

1st- 2 (1 was frozen); 2nd- 2; 3rd- 3; 4th thru 11th- 18 eggs including 1 under the tractor; 12th- 11 eggs; 13th- 2; 14th-5 (1 was dropped); 15th-3 and today had 4 so far:)

So far this year 68 eggs, that's an average of 4.5 eggs per day. That is more than what we eat, but we're hoping to make a little side money selling a few this summer. Maybe at farmer's market? Only about 1/3rd of our hens are laying regularly and their seems to be more that are starting to lay due to the uneven sizes of some of the eggs.

And 2 of our chickens have decided that they would much rather stay outside all the time, rather than just during the day. I know they are stashing eggs, but not sure of where yet. Surprised they want to stay out due to the coyotes whom have woken me up from their howling in the early morning and early evening.